You GET we GIVE!

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, [Something] Sunday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday - more affectionately known as the “Turkey Five” is generally all about consumers saving money while Christmas shopping at Wally World or that adorable boutique down the street. When we sat down to plan our “Black Friday” we just didn’t resonate with the price gouging as it greatly impacts our ability to stick to our mission of giving as much as we receive. We also didn’t feel right about not doing anything at all because we are just so thankful for all of you! So - after hours at the drawing board we settled on a “GET GIVE SALE”.

the GET // Starting TODAY will offer a discount on our favorite goods that is less than most stores, but still better than full TRC price.

the GIVE // Our giving matches our discount! If we do 10% off, we will give 10% to our nonprofit partners. So while we know you love your deep discounts, we hope you’ll also love sacrificing a few percentage points to amplify the giving this Holiday season!

10% discount applied in cart