About Us


The Refuge Collective is a movement of consumers that seek the good in every purchase. From sustainably made kitchenware to handcrafted blankets that empower marginalized communities across the world, we work together to compound our collective impact on global good.

For-Purpose: Not your average retail store full of mass produced products. For-purpose means our brands meet at least 1 of the below criteria:

  • Fair-Labor - From top to bottom, everyone in the supply chain earns a livable wage and is provided with safe working conditions
  • Earth Friendly - A positive footprint is left on the environment by working with these brands. Whether they use recycled materials, plant trees, or sustainably source their raw goods, the Earth is better off with these brands than without. 
  • Compounding Good - Brands who have chosen to propagate good by donating a percentage of their revenue to non-profits, providing employment opportunities to at-risk/rehabilitating communities, or who implement sustainable change for under-privileged demographics.
  • Safety First - Brands who pride themselves in creating clean, safe products with high-quality, natural ingredients. No cheap shortcuts to pad margins found here.

On-Purpose: You are someone who cares about the impact your dollar makes. You don’t want to enable unethical business practices by carelessly spending your hard-earned money on cheap trinkets. You value quality over quantity, people over profits, and purpose over convenience. You are willing to pay a little extra to support a local artisan who makes clean soap that’s genuinely good for your skin rather than squabble over a few dollars and buy everyone’s favorite “white bird” soap at the grocery store. 

Seek Good. Shop Good. Share Good.