Where did you get the name, “The Refuge Collective”?

Refuge - a source of help, relief, comfort in times of trouble

Collective - gathered together as a group

We live in a world where people are in constant search of refuge. Many of us seek refuge in our social media, Netflix, nature, or a myriad of other vices. Our goal at The Refuge Collective is to create a community where people can not only find refuge by connecting with purpose, but in turn provide refuge for others.

All of our products work to compound the good. Some products provide jobs to help keep families together, some are made by by local artisans, and others are made by companies that donate their profits to non-profits. Whether you purchase with purpose, share the good, or are inspired to live out your own flavor of intentionality, we’re lucky to have you as a part of our community.

You can learn more in our "About Us" section or by following us on social media! 


Ouch! Your products are cool, but kind of pricey. 

You aren’t kidding. We had sticker shock when we started learning about purchasing with purpose too! Don’t worry though, you don’t have to buy everything to have an impact or live on-purpose. We recommend picking just one product to switch out. What is a typical Targét Boutique or Wally World item you can swap for one “for-purpose” item? We started with coffee! We switched our Folgers/Starbucks to Generous Coffee Co. three years ago and haven’t looked back once. It’s more than money, it’s a mindset. There is something powerful about knowing your first action - drinking a cup of coffee in the morning - is tangibly changing someone’s life across the world. 

You should also know that we donate a percentage of our profits to non-profits. We definitely don't want to price our items through the roof, but we do believe in making a meaningful contribution. The extra dollar or two goes a long way for the organizations we support. 


So, you support non-profits. What does that look like?

So glad you asked! We have a whole page dedicated to the non-profits we support called "Beyond the Collective". The big picture - we want to be intentional with everything we do, including our company finances. That's why from day numero uno we centered our entire business model around generosity. How much we give depends entirely on people like you buying the products we sell and telling others. So - even if you decide not to purchase anything, please share The Refuge Collective with your friends and family. The more the merrier!