Silvia 100% Cotton Turkish Bath Towel
Silvia 100% Cotton Turkish Bath Towel
Silvia 100% Cotton Turkish Bath Towel
Silvia 100% Cotton Turkish Bath Towel

Silvia 100% Cotton Turkish Bath Towel

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 With a modern, unique design and new fabric, these towels are already a favorite. We switched the material to our well-loved, all-natural cotton blend to be more enjoyable.

-Customers rave about how soft the fabric is. They even get softer and more absorbent with each wash! Great for children and those with sensitive skin.
-Use Silvia hand towels in your kitchen, for babies, on hair, and in bathrooms!
-No more hiding your towels! Silvia looks stunning on a hanger. Welcome guests by hanging in your powder room and kitchen.
-Makes drying off after showers quick and easy. Perfect for hair since it absorbs water and evaporates faster than basic terry towels.
-Happy travels! One bag will fit all the towels your family needs. They fold down into small rolls due to their lightweight material.
-Generously sized for comfort and versatility
-Washes and dries well — holds up for years to come!
-Made in Turkey from 100% naturally dyed cotton

Our new and improved Silvia has deeper colors and softer fabric. They feature two types of vertical stripes: thick, dark gray lines down each side and thin terracotta lines in the center. Knotted tassels on the long ends tie them together!

Bath towel:
36" x 72" (182 x 91 cm)
1.1 lb. (.5 kg)

Hand towel:
20" x 34" (51 x 86 cm)
.35 lb. (158g)

Please note that our Turkish towels may slightly vary in size, weight, and color. They may also have wrinkles and tiny blemishes due to the natural fibers, which makes them unique.

Care for towels, throws & blankets:

Our products are made from the best natural materials.We recommend washing all Loomia items with like colors on COLD. For drying, best results are obtained by using the low heat, tumble dry cycle. Extremely hot dryer cycles are not recommended.Fabric softener will make towels less absorbent and is not recommended.

IMPACT: For every product purchased, the local supplier donates 5% to one of our non-profit partners, Humanity and Hope United. This purchase also contributes to our Beyond the Collective giving.